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About Us

Over the last twenty years Australia has benefitted a lot, directly and indirectly from its growing links with India and Bollywood. While on one hand, Indian film crews spend money in the Australian screen sector without being eligible for grants or any of the offset, the films and stars provide beneficial exposure to Australian tourism and the overseas student sector. Famous films, songs and dances filmed in Australia have resulted in an increase in tourism and overseas students.

Unfortunately, there has been no dedicated platform or agency to promote and support the growing links between India and Australia. Apart from AACTA’s (The Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts) Asia Initiative and AIBC’s (Australia India Business Council) Film chapter which was active for a couple of years in the early 2000’s. The lack of a council or an apex body have therefore reduced meaningful activities between the two countries. The AIFC will counter act this issue with its long-term policies and initiative for a cohesive, proactive and meaningful development of Australia’s relations with the Indian film industry.

Image by Jon Tyson

Aims and Objectives

  1. To tap in the potential of Indian film links for the benefit of Australia.

  2. To nurture and support diverse projects promoting Australia’s links with India.

  3. To inform authorities.

  4. To initiate the ground work and create a strong infrastructure of a promising partnership between the Australian and Indian film industry.

  5. Acts as a representative and strategic advisor to our members.

  6. Providing screen bodies in Australia a point of contact with expertise and practitioners to adequately tap in the potential of Indian film industry.

  7. To liaise with government authorities to resolve our members issues.

  8. To inspire positive social changes through information, advancement and partnerships.

  9. To help resolve intre and intra disputes of the industry.

  10. Actively pursues and supports the next generation of filmmakers.

  11. Curates and presents an international programme of cinema for audiences–in  cinemas, festivals, events and online.

  12. Enhance the education of aspiring filmmakers by improving their knowledge of cinematic history.

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